Reportage : Dauphin a long bec

Dauphin a long bec
25 octobre 2017
Dauphin a long bec

© Alexis ROSENFELD / Divergence

Red Sea - Egypt - Marsa Alam. Spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) in Shaab Samaday. These dolphins can be 2,2 meters long and 75 kilos weight. They are caracterized by a very long nose and a thin body. They eat little fishes and cephalopods. They live in all tropical and subtropical seas, in groups from 25 to hundreds of animals. Very friendly, they let swimmers come very close and even, sometimes, touch them. Mer Rouge - Region de Marsa Alam - Dauphin a long bec (Stenella longirostris) a Shaab Samaday. Ces dauphins peuvent mesurer deux metres vingt et peser 75 kilos, ils sont caracterises par leur long rostre et leur corps fin. Ils se nourrissent de petits poissons et de calmars. On les trouve dans toutes les mers tropicales et subtropicales, en troupeaux de 25 a plusieurs centaines d'individus.


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