Reportage : Pollution lumineuse de l'industrie maraîchère

Pollution lumineuse de l industrie maraîchère
25 novembre 2019
Pollution lumineuse de l'industrie maraîchère

© Charlène FLORES / Divergence

Geese wandering at night under a bright yellow sky illuminated by the lighting system of an off-ground tomato greenhouse that is situated several kilometers away. At this hour of the morning during the winter, in the middle of the French countryside with no village around, the night sky should be dark black.

Lieu : Beaumont-en-Véron, France

Mots clés : pollution lumineuse, light pollution, serres, tomates, agroindustrie, hors-sol, culture, hors saison, LED, lumière, lumières, aurores boréales, agriculture intensive, nuit, éclairage, lumière artificielle, oies, animaux éveillés, aurore boréale, beaumont en véron, indre et loire, natura 2000, halo, industrie